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Eyes Wide Open (Style Version)

EYES WIDE OPEN is their 2nd full album containing bunch of photos, photocards, collectable pieces with brilliant package. 
3 versions will be out including Story version, Style version, Retro version. 

Story version expresses the view of the world that continues from 9th mini album .

Style Version expresses the main style concept of the album.

Retro Version constitutes photos of Retro mood, and package.

Silver Style Version Box Set Includes: 

• Photobook
• CD-R
• Lyric Folded poster
• Message Card
• Daily Polaroid (90 albums chosen at random to include a polaroid)
• D.I.Y. Sticker
• 5 Photocards
• The Most Card (included in the First edition only)
• Photocard set + Poster

Dimensions: 160 x 225 mm