ABCD Digital Album


NAYEON of TWICE Releases EP ABCD Following the Success of Her 2nd Mini Album NA.

NAYEON is set to release the album ABCD on June 24th at 6PM KST (5AM ET / 2AM PT), featuring special tracks. 

This album includes the original track "ABCD (Original)" as well as "ABCD (Extended Version)," which features a dance break previously only available in the music video, adding extra power to the original track. Additionally, the album includes "ABCD (Original) [Instrumental]" and "ABCD (Extended Version) [Instrumental]," showcasing the diverse charms of ABCD.

1. ABCD (Original)
2. ABCD (Extended Version)
3. ABCD (Original) [Instrumental]
4. ABCD (Extended Version) [Instrumental]

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